Cedars, Bcharre & Qadisha valley
  • Visit Saint Elisha Monastery.
  • Walk among vigorous cedar trees that were used to build King David’s Palace and King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. The cedar remains the national icon of the country that symbolizes resilience and immortality.
  • Visit Saint Anthony Kozhaya monastery.

  • Cedars, Bcharre & Qadisha valley

    The Cedars of God symbolize resilience and immortality. They have the most aromatic and durable wood. This reserve is one of the last remaining examples of the extensive forests of Lebanon. The thick Cedar forest once shaded and covered the whole of the mountains of Lebanon from the North to the South. After years of persistent deforestation, these forests have been markedly reduced.
    The Cedar stands eternally tall on the Lebanese flag and has played a large role in putting Lebanon on the global map. It has significant religious importance and is mentioned about 75 times in the Holy Bible. David used it in building his palace and Solomon in the construction of his temple and palace. The Egyptian Pharaohs also used its wood to build their sarcophagi and ships.

    Qadisha Valley

    Qadisha means "Holy" in Aramaic. It is Located in the North of Lebanon, Qadisha Valley is one of the most significant early Christian monastic settlements in the world.
    The spectacular scenery and beautiful nature of Qadisha Valley is formed by its high peaks covered with white blankets of snow in winter.
    Discovering this valley will take you into the past history of the monks and hermits who used to live in the natural caves during the Ottoman’s period. These natural caves served for many years as a place for meditation and refuge.
    In this valley, you can see the monastery of Saint Anthony of Kozhaya and Saint Elisha Monastery.

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    Starting $86
    Starting $86
    The tour starts at Saint Elisha Monastery and Qannoubine valley. Lunch will be followed by a walk amongst the Cedars of Lebanon and a visit to Saint Anthony Kozhaya Monastery.
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