Beiteddine, Deir El Kamar & Barouk Cedar Forest
  • Visit the town square where a church, mosque, and synagogue are found.
  • Visit Beiteddine, one of Lebanon’s greatest cultural treasures, with its elaborate architecture, historic mosaics, and priceless decorations from artists across the Middle East and Europe.
  • Discover one of the largest natural reserves in Lebanon with some trees estimated to be 2000 years old. The cedar forests in the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve make up about 25% of all remaining cedars in Lebanon.

  • Beiteddine, Deir El Kamar & Barouk Cedar Forest

    Deir El Kamar
    Previously, it was the capital of Mount Lebanon. It is a traditional Lebanese village with its historical town square, souks, museum, mosque and churches.

    Beiteddine Palace
    This magnificent palace was built in the beginning of the 19th century by Emir Bachir II between 1788 and 1818. Beiteddine has beautifully decorated ceilings and colorful mosaic floors with enormous glass studded cupolas. It is a model of Eastern architecture decorated by Lebanese, Syrian and Italian artists.
    In 1840, the Ottomans used this palace as a government building and it served as an administrative office during the French mandate.
    In 1943, Beiteddine palace was officially selected to be the presidential summer residence.

    Shouf Biosphere Reserve
    Al Shouf nature reserve was declared in 1996 as the largest nature reserve in Lebanon, a reserve that covers 5% of Lebanese territory. This reserve has five main entrances: Ain Zhalta, Barouk, Maaser El Shouf, Mrosti and Niha.
    The Maaser forest has 16 hectares of the oldest and most impressive cedar trees.
    The Barouk forest has several hiking trails that can be followed to explore an area of over 400 hectares.
    The Ain Zhalta forest has 170 hectares of cedar trees and several hiking trails.
    The Mrosti forest includes the roman oak trail with its old trees and majestic panoramic view.
    The Niha forest has two trails, a short one which leads to the medieval Niha fort and a long one which leads to a majestic viewpoint.

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    Starting $90
    Starting $90
    The tour starts in Deir El Kamar, a typical Lebanese village with its historical center, souks, museum, mosque and churches, then visit the magnificent Beiteddine palace, have lunch and discover Barouk Cedars forest.
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