Sidon & Tyre
  • Explore Sidon - this ancient Phoenician city—mentioned 50 times in the Bible—was a prosperous port that Jesus travelled to.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Jesus to Tyre city that is mentioned over 59 times in the Bible. A once flourishing international trade center, many goods including cedar wood, gold, and other luxuries were sent to Jerusalem to build the Temple under King Solomon.

  • Sidon & Tyre

    Sidon is a Phoenician name which means “fishery or fishing town.” It was one of the richest Phoenician cities, known now in Arabic as “Sayda.” Located in the Southern governate of Lebanon, it is one of the most famous names in Lebanese ancient history.
    Sidon is mentioned 50 times in the Holy Bible. In the Old testament, Sidon is referred as “the first-born son of Canaan.”
    The Sea Castle was originally built as a Crusader fort to protect the harbor.
    It was built during the 13th century by the Crusaders as a fortress on a small island. The castle was damaged and renovated serval times after bearing several wars. The Mamluks partially destroyed the castle when they took over from the Crusaders, but they rebuilt it and added the long causeway. The island served as a shelter from inside attacks on the city.
    This ancient Phoenician city has been of great religious, political, and commercial value throughout its existence.


    Known as “Queen of the Sea,” Tyre is an ancient Phoenician City which means “The Rock.”
    Due to the invention of purple dye, this Phoenician city grew wealthy, ruled the sea, and founded prosperous colonies such as Carthage. However, this historical role declined at the end of the Crusades.
    Tyre is mentioned 59 times in the Bible. Tyre was one of the first Roman cities in the region to embrace Christianity as Tyrians flocked to listen to Jesus teach and were healed. Today, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with two Roman and Byzantine archeological sites and a colorful Christian Quarter.
    Tyre is made up of two parts, a rocky fortress on the mainland called “Old Tyre” and the city that is built on a small rocky island on the shore. There is also a triumphal arch that is composed of a Necropolis and the tomb of King Ahiram, who sent cedar wood to build King Solomon’s Temple.
    Tyre’s impressive sandy beach and pristine water is well known as an excellent place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.Tyre is notable for its many high-rise buildings. Nevertheless, the inner city has retained its industrious maritime character and its interesting old-style houses.

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    Starting $88
    Starting $88
    The tour starts with the sea castle in Sidon, Debbane palace museum, Greek orthodox church. After lunch we will continue our tour in Tyre, visiting the necropolis and sea sites.
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