Baalbek & Anjar
  • Marvel at the architecture of one of the primary places of worship during the reign of the Roman Empire. This archeological site, also called Heliopolis or “City of the Sun,” was originally an ancient Phoenician city dedicated to Baal.
  • Explore the Umayyad ruins of this ancient archeological site.

  • Baalbek & Anjar

    Baalbek was the city of worship and became the cornerstone of ancient civilizations. It is a Phoenician town that was known as “Heliopolis”. The acropolis was established on the top of an ancient hill, built up of different layers of habitation. Its temples were dedicated to Jupiter, Bacchus, and Venus.
    Six of the fifty-four giant columns that originally surrounded the sanctuary in the Jupiter Temple have survived till today.
    The temple has an impressive podium and rectangular courtyard, where sacrifices were carried out, with a huge entrance and hexagonal forecourt.
    Baalbek was known as a religious site during the Roman Times. Its colossal structure was the finest example of Roman Architecture.


    The City of Anjar was built by Caliph Walid I at the beginning of the 8th century. Anjar means “unresolved or running river” in Armenian. The quaint city of Anjar is known by its strong Armenian ties and its unique ruins. Anjar’s strong fortifications are the remains of the streets, three palaces, souks, two hammams, and a mosque.

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    Starting $89
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