Jeita, Harissa & Byblos
  • Travel through the longest caves in the Middle East that consist of two separate limestone caves filled with nine kilometers of stunning rock formations.
  • Take a cable car trip to the top of the beautiful rolling hills where this famous pilgrimage site overlooks amazing panoramic views of the bay of Jounieh.
  • Discover Byblos charm as you stroll through its harbor, town center, souks, and castle that are full of Phoenician, Roman, and Crusader sites.

  • Jeita, Harissa & Byblos

    Nominated for the seven world wonders, Jeita is one of the world's most beautiful caverns, located 20 km North of Beirut.The lower caverns are visited by boat over a subterranean lake 623 meters long. A dry upper gallery can be seen on foot.

    After many years of exploration, Lebanese speleologists have penetrated 6,910 meters from the entry point of the grotto to the far end of the underground river and 2,130 meters of the upper galleries. The main source of the Dog River (Nahr El Kalb) rises from this cavern.

    Harissa (Our Lady of Lebanon)

    Our lady of Lebanon was built in 1908 on one of the most magnificent hills in Lebanon. Harissa is a famous pilgrimage site with an amazing panoramic view of Jounieh Bay.


    Byblos is the largest city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, dating back 7000 years. This city has witnessed the onslaught of Lebanon’s conquering armies from the Phoenicians and Greeks, to the Crusaders.
    • Byblos is mentioned three times in the Bible.
    • It was the first city that traded with Egypt. The plant “Alphavirus” was brought from Egypt to make paper (papyrus). This is where its Greek name (Biblios) which means “book” comes from.
    • The first horizontal linear alphabet was invented in Byblos.
    • The sarcophagus of King Ahiram was found in Byblos and it bears the oldest known Phoenician inscription (located in the National Museum, Beirut.)
    It has an ancient Roman Medieval fishing port, a medieval town center, a Crusader-era castle, and a fascinating archaeological site that shows all the different eras of Byblos.
    This ancient city is home to Bronze Age temples, Persian fortifications, a Roman road, Byzantine churches, and the Crusader citadel.

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    Starting $120
    Starting $120
    The tour starts with the fabulous Jeita grotto, followed by the cable car to Harrisa where you can explore its famous pilgrimage site and amazing panoramic view of Jounieh bay. The day continues with a tour of the beautiful Phoenician city of Byblos.
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