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Do you enjoy hiking in Lebanon's magnificent nature? Join our hiking team each Saturday to discover the stunning mountains, beautiful valleys and breathtaking views!

You can join an existing hiking group and make new friends who love nature and exercise, or we are happy to customize your hiking experience for your own group on other days!

Ain Zhalta

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” Psalm 92:12

The largest of Lebanon’s nature reserves, Al-Chouf Cedar Nature Reserve stretches from Dahr Al-Baidar in the North, to Niha Mountain in the South. The reserve's most famous attractions are its three magnificent cedar forests of Maasser Al-Shouf, Barouk and Ain Zhalta - Bmahray. These Cedar forests account for a quarter of the remaining cedar forests in Lebanon. 

The views from the top are magnificent, and worth all the effort to get there!

Level: Moderate
Hike duration: 3-4 hours

Hadath el Jebbeh

Hadath el Jebbeh is a town located in the Becharre District, part of the North Governorate of Lebanon. It is situated on the edge of the Qannoubine valley, and it offers a splendid panoramic view.

During the hike we will enjoy a pleasant walk on old footpaths and dirt roads between the cedars. The trail offers many scenic views overlooking the Qannoubine valley.

Level 1: Moderate
Hike duration: 4 hours

Level 2: Advanced
Hike duration: 5-6 hours


Located in Chouf, about one hour from Beirut, Mokhtara is a picturesque village that is characterized by traditional Lebanese houses, amazing scenery, beautiful trails, and charming waterfalls and rivers.

During the hike we will see very old bridges, built by the Mamluks and experience the beautiful rushing waters while walking by the river. The beauty of the scenery is beyond description.

Level: Moderate
Hike duration: 4 hours


Falougha, in Baabda District of Mount Lebanon Governorate, is well known for pine trees, cedar trees, cherries and apples. It has multiple natural water sources.
The hike starts at Kfar Selwan lakes and continues to the highest point of the trail where we will enjoy a stunning view of the valley and Falougha lakes.
Level 1: Easy
Hike Duration: 3-4 hours

Level 2: Advanced
Hike duration: 4-5 hours

Baloua Balaa

Balaa is very famous for its 250 meter deep natural sink-hole, that has been carved by water over 160 million years! A magnificent waterfall can be observed during winter and spring, with water spray rising up to the surface.
The importance of Baloua Balaa has spread beyond the Lebanese borders. Baloua Balaa is a natural pothole with three separate natural bridges inside it. This place of natural beauty must be seen.

Level: Advanced
Hike duration: 5-6 hours


Its name, originally Phoenician, meaning “the top,” describes Jaj, as it is the most elevated town among all the surrounding villages. The Cedar forest in Jaj contains about 375 trees, some between 1200 and 2000 years old. They are at an elevation of 6000 ft.
The hike starts in Ehmej, renowned for its unspoiled forests, cliffs and valleys. We will enjoy panoramic views of spear-like rocks. The trail is charmingly diverse, with a mixture of landscapes. The area is rocky and mountainous. It is home to wild fruits, apple orchards and junipers.

Level: Moderate
Hike duration: 3-4 hours


Aramaic-Syriac origin, "Beit Kassin", means "the village of the disappeared, the hidden."
Nestled in one of the most beautiful pine forests in the Middle-East, the village of Bkassine offers a breathtaking view of the lush nature of Wadi Jezzine. The village is characterized by the charm of its central square, small souk, red-tiled houses and charming streets.
The trail passes through the wilderness of Bkassine pine forest, and we may be able to visit the famous handcrafted cutlery workshop of Jezzine.

Level: Moderate
Hike duration: 4-5 hours

Mazraat El Teffah

A village in Zgharta District, in the Northern Governorate of Lebanon.
The distinguishing feature of the village is the large forest on its border, with oak trees, cedars and pines. There is also a stream with a waterfall known as Al-Kef.
We will cross by old stone paths, listen to the rush of fresh water and traverse the forest. It will be like passing through a tunnel of greenery, with breathtaking views.

Level: Moderate-Advanced
Hike duration: 4-5 hours

Horsh Ehden

Horsh Ehden is a beautiful forest reserve filled with cedar trees, in the Zgharta district. Located at an altitude that ranges between 1200m to 2000m, Horsh Ehden contains more than 1,058 plant species, which makes it one of the most bio-diverse forests in the country.

This nature reserve includes many rare plants and is distinguished by the Cedar trees, along with Juniper, wild apple and wild orchids. It also has many species of birds such as eagles and hawks, as well as mammals like wolves and wild cats.
During our hike, we will pass by beautiful forest landscapes, and we will have time to rest and take some exceptional photos of the amazing views we will see on our way.

Level: Easy-Moderate 
Hike duration: 3-4 hours


The hike location is a breathtaking Wetland that lies in the heart of West Bekaa. Ammiq is the largest remaining freshwater wetland in Lebanon and is notorious for its fertile lands. Home to a number of rare species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, the vast wetland is in the process of being declared by UNESCO, as a National reserve.

For photography lovers, Ammiq is a very distinguished and beautiful area to take beautiful photos.

Level: Easy
Hike duration: 3 hours


Baskinta is a Syriac word that means ‘the house of wisdom’. It is surrounded by natural walls (Sannine from the East, Bakich and Marj from the North, Zaarour from the South, and an open valley to the West), making it a geographical fortress.

Our hike in Baskinta is by far one of the most beautiful. There are countless streams along the way. As Sannine’s snow melts during spring, we will see many streams and rivers.
The North facing slope is the most fascinating feature of the valley with its ferruginous sandstone cliffs. The surrounding area contains villages, orchards and pine forests.

Level: Easy-Moderate
Hike duration: 3 hours

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